J. D. Meier emailed me this week to ask my opinion on “Lean” and referred me to [ THIS POST ]

For almost 30 years (yes, I wrote my first program for money in the 70’s as a teenager) I’ve been a “practical” geek. I don’t invest much in methodologies, or teh business / development fad of the era. I’ve seen dozen of Silver Bullets come, and go. Only to be replaced by the newest “holy grail” of software development,

Here is a quote from the blog post ……

A central concept in Lean is that planning, executing, and delivering work in small batches minimizes waste. The ideal limit of working in small batches is the single unit. Creating one piece at a time with zero waste is the ideal of one-piece flow.

Though I haven’t seen the process articulated before, many MANY software development teams use this process for building great applications, though perhaps calling it by a different name or even no name at all.

When it comes to process, sometimes, less – is more.

If a team produces great applications  that are delivered on time and within budget, are secure and meet the organizations / customers needs – isn’t the use of a heavily academic process irrelevant?

Check out the post and let me know what you think.