The Orchard Team just  shipped 1.1, and received great coverage in Scott Guthrie’s Mix keynote, Brad M’s talk HERE .

New Orchard release is here:

Upgrade instructions can be found here:

What’s new?

Orchard 1.1 fixes bugs and addresses common feedback from the prior 1.0 release, and also adds the following new features:

  • New design for the administration interface, and several usability workflow improvements.
  • Setup recipes: at setup, you have a choice between three installation profiles. It is possible to create your own.
  • Module recipes: modules can specify a set of recipe actions to optionally perform when installing, such as downloading and installing dependencies.
  • Improved module and theme installation workflow.
  • Improved widget and layer management.
  • Improved list management.
  • A new media picker dialog on the rich editor for uploading, inserting, and browsing media items.
  • Improved MSDeploy packaging and deployment from Visual Studio.

Available in the Orchard Gallery for 1.1:

· Import/Export: transfer metadata, data, and settings between sites.

· Designer Tools: New “shape tracing” feature allows you to inspect the rendering of your site to customize and override templates and placement. URL-based alternates are now supported for targeting template overrides at specific URLs.

· Warmup: Improves site response times in shared hosting environments.

Are you using Orchard on a public site  ? Post the URL in the comments.