Version 1.2 of Orchard is now officially available.

You can find the download and release notes here:

This release is mainly about bug fixes and performance improvements, but it is also introducing a couple of nice features.

Creation date is now the date that we use for everything in the front-end, which should bring more consistency. That date can now be made editable on your content types by modifying the settings of the Common part.

Shapes are now much easier to use from the debugger thanks to our new debugger visualizers (available in full trust only).

For a list of bugs fixes that this release brings, please go to and leave everything to “All” except for the Release that should be set to “Orchard 1.2”.

Migration instructions can be found on this page: This page will soon be updated with a new set of instructions for Azure and in-place upgrades but the instructions found there should work for most of you.

Localization (available from is not yet updated for 1.2 but will be soon.

Many thanks for supporting Orchard and for building a great community!