Since I had many emails from folks about my previous post I thought I’d post this update from my Iranian “little brother”.


Hey My Dear Brother,


Thanks to all our American brothers and sisters who’ve been supporting us , I have always said ,there’s no better friend for Iranians than American people.

We’ve been trying to show the world that we’re not bunch of terrorists and losers and we’re not the same as our GOVERNMENT, and i think we did what we could,but I’m afraid that after the rallies stopped people of the world start thinking “that’s it” and people accepted the lost of the election!!!

But i have to tell you that we are STRONGLY under the control of the government, and they don’t understand, they’ll kill first and then they’ll judge us!!!

There are armed guards in every meter.

Phones , internet , any move we make is under their control and THEY WILL KILL ,this is the only thing they’ve learned.

They have all the money that we make from selling oil and they’ll do anything with it to stop us, even if your shirt is green they’ll hit you!!

But even if all of this doesn’t work for us I’m still happy, because we (the Iranian people) started something new and if it doesn’t work now it’ll work in time, like  2  or 3 years later we’d get our rights.


[ Edited for his safety ]