I have never posted here on my blog anything that related to politics, and this post will only appear here (not syndicate to www.asp.net)

For all the folks who have watched with dismay the recent events in Iran, I wanted to share this.

This note is from a young Iranian friend who I have corresponded with for several years. We met when he emailed me a question as he was learning ASP.NET.

Over the years we have discussed many things about our peoples and our countries. I’ve learned that there ARE many people in the Middle East that loath the fascism and terrorist violence.

He has become like “my little brother” over the years.

I wanted to share this so the rest of us can remember how lucky we are …………

I’ve removed his name for his own safety and made some minor edits for English language clarity


Hey buddy,

How is it going there?

Here, after the day that the government guards has beaten down the people and killed a lot ,we are thinking to find some other ways to protest because street is now full of armed guards, in every meter there’s one.

Man i hope you never taste the batons and gas and whatever stuff that they’ve used to beat us with , it hurts like hell and since i had the surgery i couldn’t run much. I got kicked in my surgery spot a couple of times too !!

To tell you a very sad fact, when guards kills someone they’ll have the body and they’ll contact her/his family and tell them that they have to pay for the bullets if they want to recover the body, one of my friends died with 2 bullets, and they’ve contacted his family and said you have to pay 3 million Tomans for each bullet to get his body, it’s an unbelievable situation, they kill someone and they want to get played for it !!!!  What a disaster !!!

Hopefully they’re going soft on blocking the internet now, cause they can’t ban it for ever because it’ll cause problems in their own departments and organizations, and till now it did cause lots of problems, so internet is on right now but the speed is much less than before .

I’m lucky that I’m not dead right now, I  felt the bullets right beside my body a couple of times, I wonder where god would take me to :), but I’m okay now πŸ™‚

And thanks my friend for showing your support in twitter, love for all the American people specially for my dear brother and his family over there πŸ™‚


Your friend