When one of our sites is down, it’s a “all hands on deck” scramble.

I use several monitoring mechanisms to let me know if there are problems on one of the sites I work on. 

I recently added a service from APLUS Monitoring.

Their services start at FREE !!!  – and go up to $20.95 per month. Are customizable, send email alerts (there is an SMS option) and have good reporting.

Here’s how they describe their services.

APlusMonitoring is a solution for your whole company. We monitor your website, server availability and performance externally from our worldwide network of monitoring locations, 24/7 and every day of the year. When your website or network fails to respond, we notify you instantly via Email, SMS/Text Messaging, RSS so that you can hit the right chord at the right time and fix them before it costs you money, customers or reputation. ”

In addition, we keep detailed statistics about your website’s availability and response time so that you can have overall picture of your website availability and downtime. Read more about How it Works or Sign Up for a free service.

After several weeks I continue to be impressed.

Read [ HERE ] to see is it might be useful to you.


Receive a discount when you sign up for any paid service before April 10th 2009.

PSSMIS – 100% off on 1st month.
MSYR01 – 50% off on yearly payment.