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IIS 7.0 Configuration Reference

Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 introduces a new XML-based configuration system for storing your IIS settings that replaces the metabase that was used in IIS 6.0 and earlier. This new configuration system was introduced with ASP.NET and is based on a hierarchical system of management system that uses *.config files. The configuration files for IIS 7.0 are located in your %WinDir%\System32\Inetsrv\Config folder, and the primary configuration files are:

  • ApplicationHost.config – This configuration file stores the settings for all your Web sites and applications.
  • Administration.config – This configuration file stores the settings for IIS management. These settings include the list of management modules that are installed for the IIS Manager tool, as well as configuration settings that any management module uses.
  • Redirection.config – IIS 7.0 supports the management of several IIS servers from a single, centralized configuration file. This configuration file contains the settings that indicate the location where the centralized configuration files are stored.

Note: Settings can be delegated to Web.config files, which may override settings in the ApplicationHost.config file. In addition, settings that are not delegated cannot be added to Web.config files.

This is a comprehensive reference guide to the IIS configuration system.  For each element in config, you’ll find an overview, compatibility & setup information, step-by-step usage information, detailed reference, config examples, and sample code.  The navigation will let you view the elements alphabetically, or in the config  order.