After TEN YEARS, effective immediately, I am resigning from Microsoft.

It’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve worked for some GREAT folks. 8 direct managers in 10 years. (I only choose 3 of them)

  • Mike O’Neil (now at New Horizons) – I LOVED working for you. You are the best manager that I’ve ever had. You pushed me hard and I was proud of the work you drove me to achieve. I’d follow you into a burning building my friend. THANKS !
  • Rick Green (now at Intel) – I’ll always be grateful to you for convincing me to come work for you instead of those other guys. It was a “wicked” year.
  •  Scott Guthrie, I loved following you and being a champion for the technologies that you led.
  • Pete Brown, my current manager, you’re a great guy, an Honest Man,  and I will always appreciate your efforts ! (We had some fun too !)

I worked for 1 of 2 other folks about whom I can only say “shame on you”.

Microsoft has changed so much (TOO much) in the past ten years.

I intend to blog more about why I (and so many others) am leaving Microsoft in the near future. It will be nice to have the freedom so say whatever I want in a blog without being censored and having my job threatened.

As I talked to companies about my next role I told each I had only three immutable criteria:

  •  I want to work for an organization that is LEADING innovation in its field and holds a brand that I can be truly proud to represent.
  •  I want to work in a role where I can really help people and have a positive measurable effect on the organization’s mission.
  •  I want to work with people I would hang out with even if no one were paying me to.

I feel think I hit the lottery !!!!

I have accepted an amazing position and will be starting MONDAY ! (Why wait.)

I’ll save the actual announcement for my next blog post but I’ll gibe you some hints.

– I’ll be exclusively working with Open Source Development Technologies.
– I won’t be running Windows on my daily use desktop.
– I won’t be wearing my Microsoft shirts at the event I’ll be speaking at.
– I’m selling my Windows Phone 7
– I’ll still be blogging at

Any guesses ?