If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably saw this morning that I’m moving on to my next career challenge – though I don’t yet know what it will be other than that I’ll be paying special attention to finding a great fit.

Though I’m not “stuck here” … I’ve worked from a “home office” for over 15 years with most of that time being based on the west coast – the opposite side of the country form which I live. (Yes, I travel ­čÖé )

A team that I’ve been┬átalking ┬áto about some consulting work asked me what it looks like to “work from home”.

For me, it’s a bit like any other office.


My commute is about 30 yards. (I live on am 8 acre lot in the woods of New Hampshire and built a separate building.)

Office upstairs, gym & garage downstairs.

It has great band width, a great technical library (yes kids, I still read books printed on paper), everything except plumbing (which I had planned to before the bubble burst – add and still will some day.)

I built the building during the “dot com” boom when I was sort of a serial “start-up” guy. It was originally configured with modular capacity for up to 12 people.



Yup – tons of hardware. When you do lots of competitive analyses – it helps to be able to go hands on with everything.



I’ve done tons of technical “how-to” and product marketing videos and podcast so at one point I built a micro studio. Note the green screen to the left !


It’s a great place for long hours !


Yes, I’m sorry to my young eco-friendly friends – I’m an old guy who still prefers books printed on paper ­čÖé

Maybe an article on the “art of working remotely” might be of interest to people.