On a flight this week I mentioned to the person sitting next to me that I had worked from a home office for the past 15 years and they were surprised that the distractions of working from home didn’t interfere with getting my work done.

In my case, my office is in a separate building across the drive-way from my house. It has separate power, heating, air conditioning, internet access, alarm system, video surveillance, and killer guard dog 🙂 .

Above is were I spend most of my day. It’s about 4 or 5  times the size of an average cubicle and there is room for 4 of these areas.

I calculate that I could comfortably house 10-12 people

I have too much hardware 🙂 but keep some of it for retro testing. The CRTs are heavy but all high resolution.

Geeks need a great library, and yes “junior”, I know about e-books. Everyone in my family owns a Kindle but I’m old school and there is something about holding a “real” book that still appeals to me.

I have a separate A/V area with sound dampening for recording podcasts and other audio.

Note the green screen and studio lighting for video production.

The down side of have an office that is a 20 step community from home is that it’s easy top spend too much time there !