AJAX World was a great confirmation for me. AJAX, RIA, or whatever term you use to describe this “new” way of building web applications is here to stay.

Relative to Microsoft, here are a few of my big take-a-ways.

  • Security matters even MORE than it has to date.
  • Web Development frameworks like ASP.NET that facilitate secure development are crucial.
  • Interest in Microsoft Silverlight is reaching a feverish level !
  • Alpha Geeks (even the ones who aren’t exactly MS fans) are digging the new stuff in IE 8, especially the developer features. 

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions. Having spent so much of the last 10 years focused on web security it’s great to see the interest and awareness continue to grow.

Below are links to both my PowerPoint decks and all my code, including all the security code I showed you. I don’t think I’ve ever released the security stuff before.

WARNING: This code is NOT finished code. I don’t even suggest it’s “good” code. It’s stuff I assembled for illustrative purposes. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and don’t include it in your production applications. All standard disclaimers apply ! 🙂

ASP.NET AJAX Security [Demo Code] [PowerPoint Deck]

ASP.NET AJAX Patterns [Demo Code] [PowerPoint Deck]