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I’ve said for many years that were I ever to teach a university course on web development Murach’s books would be the textbooks that I would use.

Since many folks have emailed me to say that they used these books to learn ASP.NET I thought I’d let folks know that Murach has updated them to the 4 versions of .NET

The folks at Murach were nice enough to send me the latest versions and they are everything that I’ve come to expect from a Murach book.

The ASP.NET book is THE quintessential resource for learning ASP.NET Web Forms Development (yes, WebForms is still the #1 ASP.NET Development model by a significant margin).

It covers details of every aspect of ASP.NET Web Forms development. Two particularly interesting coverage areas are the use of WCF services and details  working with web applications on Windows 7.

The ADO.NET book not only provides tutorial on all the aspects of ADO.NET data access but walks you through building an application. Though there is the expected focus on LINQ, Entity Framework, etc. there is also coverage on other data like XML.

As always, You can’t go wrong.