I’m still at the Lang.NET Symposium.

I cornered Miguel today to ask him a question about Novell’s Distos.

He said “Joe !!, You always &^%-slap me in your blog.”

I felt bad. My negative opinions about Mono have only been about the IP issues and never about the technology or Miguel.

If you don’t know Miguel, he’s the genius behind The Mono Project, and when I say genius, I mean he’s a friggin’ genius. (Not to mention he’s a super nice guy, the kind you want to come to your dinner party.)

What he was referring to is that I’ve comment in the past about mono as it equates to my personal opinions about Microsoft’s Intellectual Property.

I have been harsh, but Microsoft LIKES Miguel. (I don’t know specifically but I’m sure that Miguel would be working for Microsoft if he choose to.)

In fact, Miguel is one of those rare people in the Open Source community that is an advocate without being a zealot.

What Miguel and a few of his very clever friends have accomplished is truly amazing.

Mono is cool enough. C#, ASP.NET, Winforms in a Cross Platform Way.

More recently, Miguel and Friends and built Moonlight.  Moonlight is an implementation of Microsoft’s SIlverlight for Linux.

So Miguel, at this very moment, I’m downloading the VM on your site for Moonlight.

I’m going to try to confirm with Tomas that Phalanger will run on Mono and build a Phalanger demo, complete with Silverlight that runs on both .NET AND MONO !

…. and I will SHOW both in my spring Open Source Conference Presentations.


If there is a hatchet to be buried, dinner and drinks are on me one night at Mix !