I was supposed to leave on Wednesday for Mix Essentials South Africa next week.

Unfortunately, my paternal grandmother died early this morning and I’ll be forgoing the trip to stay home, support my family and see Muth (as she was called – short for Mother) or Ginny (as I called her) off on her journey to whatever comes next.

I agonized a bit over the decision. Ginny was a strong, pragmatic women and would have told me to travel. Many Many thanks to my great boss Simon, who never EVER asks me to put work before my family, to Brad Abrams who was to be my travel companion, who is so completely understanding, and who will have to pick up much of the slack that my absence creates, and to Microsoft South Africa who is also being very understanding, and who I owe a visit in the near future !

I must confess that natural events such as these seldom catch me off guard, but this one has, I grew up just down he street from Ginny and she has always had a special place in my Heart.

I’ll be a it slow reconnecting, but am already feeling a strong urge to settle in for the summer and PRODUCE !  The spring travel always leaves me feeling this way.

So….  Before I go prolific !  If you don’t subscribe to my blog (www.misfitgeek.com) I hope you will.

My summer is YOURS ! I have video series in the works on ASP.NET Security and Data Access, and some Windows Forms stuff.

What would YOU like me to add to the list ?

Patterns ?

Architecture ?

ASP.NET Themes and Skins ?

Controls ?

More AJAX Techniques ?

You’re the boss(es) !