In their blog, the JScript team at Microsoft is addressing incompatibilities between Microsoft JScript implementation and the ECMA Standard.

From their blog……

“…the first step is knowing where the divergences are. We in the JScript team are looking into where various browser based implementations diverge, where our engine is incorrect in its interpretation of the specification, what if any de facto compatibility conventions have been reached, and the value of codifying such conventions into the standard. We’ve published the first draft of JScript Deviations from ES3 as a starting point.”

Kudos to the JScript team. The haters are quick to slam the IE (and by association the JScript team) for IE’s incompatibilities.

It’s hard to be FIRST, be innovative, and do things exactly the same as everyone else.

Now that the browser “market” has matured and there is more than one browser that matters, I think it’s great that they are taking the heat and addressing the incompatibilities.

Credit where credit is due!