Still using table for layout ?

It’s not the preferred way.

Modern Web Site development defines layout with CSS wherever possible.

As we look forward to HTML5 and CSS 3 some of the folks in Dev Div are tooling for the new wave and immersed in the resulting ecosystem.

Alex Mogilevsky, Phil Cupp, and Markus Mielke from  Microsoft, via the CSS Working Group have submitted a draft for CSS3 Grid Alignment.

The official description says …..

CSS Grid Alignment Level 3 contains features that enable authors to align UI elements horizontally and vertically. By using the features in this module authors can position layout elements such as controls and application content into columns and rows, defining a grid structure with fixed, fractional, or automatic units. The elements can then be positioned and sized into the logical cells of the grid. Further, this module enables stacking and spanning of elements to build cohesive experiences out of a collection of modular UI pieces.

CSS Grid Alignment Level 3 also helps to manage changes in available space for layout. For example, the features in this module can help manage changes by allowing placement of elements in the grid independent of source order. Such management may be required when a browser window is resized or when a screen’s aspect ratio changes, due to screen rotation.

You can read the complete draft document here :

After the holidays I’ll be playing with some samples and will publish them here on