• Really, I should say, lets DESIGN an application together since I’m going to do most of the building so that I can record How-Do-I videos along the way.

The idea is to build a feature rich application and use it’s construction as a collaborative learning process as much as possible. (Features, design decisions, code and test practices, etc.)

The application will be a “Sports Community Portal”. I have several reasons for choosing this for the basis of the project.

  • I can use a subject matter that I know and love (Fighting Sports) and my knowledge of the subject matter will help with create great use-cases, object models, and data models as well as features and functionality that will easily map to any type of “community”.
  • The application will allow us to “stretch” the functionality to include things like multi-media, social networking, rich profiling, geo-aware, varies types of ecommerce features and more.
  • As a “Community Portal” the application will be easy to adapt for anyone who wants to use it as a basis for they own web site.


Here are some of the considerations.

  • Open Source (MSPL) Source code in C# and VB
  • Will be built on ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 (4.0)
  • Will work with SQL Server 2008 including SQL Express
  • Will not use any non-free 3rd party “parts”.
  • Can be built using Visual Studio Express

I think it’s also important to note that this is a LEARNING application and it is NOT a Microsoft product, the application will NOT be a Microsoft “best practice” example. It’s just Joe’s code ( I reserve the right to write code that the ALT.NET guys this sucks !)

I’ve added a couple of new features to misfitgeek.com

If you think you might like to participate PLEASE READ THIS ENTRY COMPLEATLY !

I’ve created a Wiki at http://www.misfitgeek.com/wiki/

… and a forum at http://www.misfitgeek.com/forums/ 

Each requires SEPERATE registration and the Wiki REQUIRES me to approve your membership.


Technical questions or other queries and discussions on general ASP.NET of anything that is not on-topic related to this project will be deleted and the user’s account removed. (That’s what www.asp.net is for!)

I’ll be starting design documents on the wiki soon.

The first design topic for your consideration has to do with Membership.

This community portal will support multiple self selecting role types. (There will also be admin, etc, but those will not be self selecting.)

  • Athlete
  • Fan
  • Coach
  • Promoter
  • Manager

Each role selection will be bound to a mandatory profile “object”.

Meaning if you add yourself to, for example, the Athlete role, you will the be required to fill out the athlete “profile” (Age, Weight, Fight Record, Etc.)

Lets try to use the Wiki here to collaborate on this feature. The idea is to design a feature and then implement.

Please feel free to join the collaboration.

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