Wanna jump-smart your .NET expertise ?

Keith is one of those rare smart guys who can also communicate !

Course: Applied .NET 3.0 with Keith Brown

When: February 12-15th, 2008

Where: MicroTek facility Broad St. New York, NY

Cost: Special Microsoft Rate – $2,395 (hotel accommodation not included)

Register: 781.749.9238 or bill@pluralsight.com, Bill Williams (Pluralsight)


· Windows Communication Foundation

o Programming WCF

o Hosting and activation

o Contracts

o Bindings and behaviors

o Security, reliable messaging, transactions

· Windows Cardspace and Federated Identity

o Claims-based systems and ADFS

o Cardspace-enabling a web site or service

· Windows Workflow Foundation

o Programming WF

o Developing activities

o Runtime and services

o Persistence and tracking

o Communications

· Windows Presentation Foundation

o Programming WPF

o Controls and layout

o Graphics and templates

o Data binding

Summary Outline:


Who should attend:

Experienced .NET developers who are new to .NET 3.0 and want to ramp-up quickly.

Prerequisites: Experience with .NET Framework 2.0. In addition, the labs are written in C#, so a reasonable comfort level with C# will be very helpful.

Next steps:

For additional information, or to register to attend, please contact Bill Williams (Pluralsight) 781.749.9238 or bill@pluralsight.com.