¬†You’ve heard it. JavaScript is not a REAL programming language.

Well, it is NOW. Programming in JavaScript is inevitable.

And why not.

  • It is ubiquitous. (Supported by all major browsers.)
  • It supports good Object Oriented Development.
  • There is TONS of code out there.
  • There is a rapidly growing collection of rich, high quality JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries available.
  • It’s been good enough to be implemented out of the browser in client technologies like Flash (ActionScript is for all intents and purposes ECMAScript, which is the new name for JavaScript)and SilverLight 1.0)
  • And, Server side technologies like Aptana’s Jaxer

While I concede that “Web 2.0” technologies like SilverLight 2.0 (Programmed in C#, VB, or any .NET language), and Flash/Flex, and JavaFX have a strong place in the future of the web….. programming the DOM with JavaScript is here to stay.

I think we need to stop trying to avoid JavaScript and start embracing it, even if only for it’s universal availability.

Microsoft is embracing JavaScript

  • We’ve added great development and debugging support fir JavaScript in Visual Studio (see links below.)
  • We’ve developed a GREAT set of JavaScript Extensions that are server independent, free, and open. [More Info Here]
  • Created a JavaScript friendly controls framework. [ See videos #62, #63, and #64 HERE. ]

So, if your ready to take JavaScript beyond the basics, here are some of my favorites to get you started.

Some Books on JavaScript beyond the syntax !

Some JavaScript Tools

Aptana IDE (A GREAT, free AJAX IDE, great for JavaScript even if you’re not doing AJAX)

Antechinus JavaScript Editor

SplineTech JavaScript Debugger

Internet Explorer 8 Beta (With great built in developer tools.)

Some Microsoft JavaScript Links

Microsoft JScript Blog

Microsoft JScript Reference

Video: JavaScript Debugging in Visual Studio 2008

Video: JavaScript Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008

A few better than average JavaScript Web Sites


W3 Schools JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript Kit

Dynamic Drive