Susan Wisowaty, my friend and former team mate on the MSDN Events team has TAGGED me. Tagging is a bit like a chain letter, but with some redeeming social value.

The idea is that after reveling five things about yourself you get to compel 5 other people to do the same.


  1. As a young hungry dude I won 54 of 58 Kickboxing matches and won minor titles in three countries, fighting primarily in Australia (Where I lived in 1978 & 79) and Malaysia (which was a very cheap and short flight from the coast of Australia).
  2. I was married, became a father, and got divorced all before my 21st birthday. In the years that followed, in order to try and survive the financial disaster that divorce can create, I had funny work situations. At one time I worked 3 jobs at the same time totally as much as 20 hours a day and I never had a whole day off from all three jobs. I slept in “shifts” and, lacking a driver’s license, I RAN to and from jobs. (Sometimes 15 miles a day.) Some of the non-professional jobs included working as a bouncer in Boston’s Combat Zone, and moonlighting as a “dancer” 🙂
  3. In my early 30’s I suffered from severe depression that eventually required pharmaceutical treatment. I’ve been taking an anti-depressant for 10 years and every time I stop, it takes about 6 weeks and I start feeling symptoms like the inability to concentrate, poor short term memory, a decrease in patience.
  4. I am a former Marine and I used to work in two different Law Enforce capacities. I trained Law Enforcement Officer’s in unarmed tactics and I helped build Patterns Analysis systems use by Special Investigative Units including the FBI, CIA, DEA, INS, DOD, and the US Military.
  5. While the story of my young life is packed with adventure, mischief, and accomplishment. I believe that the only thing of real importance that I will ever do is Love my wife and children. Being a great dad and husband is both the hardest and the best job I’ve ever had.

OK, Now I’ll tag five people.

  1. My boss Simon Muzio – never hurts to know your Boss’s secrets.
  2. Rick Samona – because he needs to start bogging again and I KNOW the dude has SECRETS.
  3. Rory Blyth – Even though he’s already been Tagged – as the new C9 guy his life is an open book and if you know ROry AT ALL (sorry for the caps Rory) – you know that he has way more then 5 interesting secrets.
  4. Bill Steele – Just because he’s a smart guy with a twisted sense of humor.
  5. Carey Lee Rush – A lifelong musician and friend, he was a long time body-guard client of mine when he was a big time Rock-n-roller, he’s still a musician and now a bleeding heart liberal (which I forgive him for) – but I’m tagging him because you NEVER know what he’ll say. (WARNING – His blog may contain PG13 content.)