Did you try the IE9 “beta”.

We’ve come to expect too much from “beta” software.

I couldn’t use the IE9 beta in front of my children.

It made me say a lot of bad words Smile 

Since I’m doing a lot of HTML5 work when the IE9 release candidate dropped I figured I’d give it another spin.

Viola ! IT ROCKS ! It’s Fast, the Crashing is GONE, and I’m digging it.

I’ll be doing some IE9 specific guidance.

It the mean time – hear are some resources to get you started with IE9 too !

Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers

Internet Explorer WEB Developer’s Guide

Internet Explorer 9 Keynote Address (Streaming)

Internet Explorer 9 “Test Drive” Demos

Internet Explorer 9 – Features 

Internet Explorer 9 – Get it HERE

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