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There are SEVERAL articles for Developers working on the Microsoft Platform !

Installing PHP on Windows

by Hank Janssen and Pierre A. Joye

The Windows version of PHP has always lagged behind the other platforms in terms of features and stability, however, the situation has improved drastically during the last six or so months, with PHP on Windows reaching feature parity with other platforms. Developing with PHP on Windows is now easier than ever and, in some cases, has resulted in important PHP innovations. Learn how you can set up a development environment to compile and develop PHP on Windows within minutes.

Introduction to Silverlight and the HTML DOM

by Joe Stagner

This article is intended to serve as an introduction to Microsoft Silverlight for developers that are probably not .NET developers. Learn how to get started integrating your PHP apps with the Silverlight features.

Configure and Optimize PHP on Windows

by Ruslan Yakushev and Hank Janssen

It has been pretty hard in the past to figure out how to install and configure PHP on Windows. Additionally, when you did get it installed, finding information on how to optimize PHP was even harder to find. Due to the recent work done by the PHP Community and Microsoft, doing exactly that is now easier than ever.

Getting Started with the SQL Server Driver for PHP

by David Sceppa

Microsoft recently produced a PHP extension to communicate with SQL Server 2005 and 2008 databases, the SQL Server Driver for PHP. This article will cover the basic workings of this new extension, demonstrating how to connect to SQL Server, execute queries, retrieve results and manage transactions.


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