:) Why is it that folks that wanna complain seem to always lack the courage to identify themselves of provide contact information?

Note to anonymous keyboard warriors.

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2.) Constructive criticism and advice is always welcome. Inane vialness is not.

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It may be a new year – but some things haven’t changed.

You have contact request!

I Don’t Understand
From: NV (null@void.com)

I don’t get it. Your videos are helpful, but I can’t figure out if you like the sound of your own voice, or if you just have problems being a professional presenter. Can’t you just STFU and present rather than talking tons on tangents and repeating yourself constantly. Also, how about getting a foam filter to put over your mouth-piece so that we don’t hear those nervous, exaggerated plosives blowing-up your microphone every time you try to expressively explode from one of your own PERSONAL hold-up points. It can’t be that hard to relay what you’re trying to say without twitching the mouse around the screen nervously so much – in fact, trying to calm down, focus, maybe do a little scripting / outlining *might* help a bit. Otherwise, once I get past this crap (which you’re not showing any improvement over time), when I can stand to sit through your inane commentary, your videos are somewhat helpful (though cursory – if you really focused, you could pack much more of a punch).

You were sent this message because you are listed as an Editor on the site Misfit Geek

BTW – This is posted for fun. I get many great email from developer friends all over the world and there are far more “Good Guys” than there are jerks :)