I’ve met Jay Harris several times, seem him present, looked at his code, etc……

He’s in Michigan, if you are there too, or hire remote devs, I suggest you have a chat with him !!

Here is his BLURB.

Jay Harris is a senior .NET software consultant, developer, blogger, and community leader in south-east Michigan, and in search of new employment opportunities. His past projects include multimedia and RIA applications, eCommerce sites, learning management systems, and Fortune 500 branding strategies, all leading to a proficiency in both C# and VB.NET, JavaScript, CSS, and other web-based and RIA technologies. He is also an expert in build automation and continuous integration. In the community, he serves as a speaker, as the president of Ann Arbor .Net Developers, and was co-lead event organizer for Lansing Give Camp. If you would like to know more, or to get a copy of his resume, please contact Jay at jharris@harrisdesigns.com and check out his blog at http://www.cptloadtest.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Jay did not request this blog post and I am unable to post recommendations for folks who I do not actually know. Please don’t ask.