We, The ASP.NET team, are very interested in ensuring that the “top customer pain-points” within ASP.NET are considered or acted upon in every new release.

I’d like to ensure that you have the opportunity to connect with the product team so that you can submit your top “pain points” and so that we get a consolidated (and ideally prioritized) list of such items from a number of avenues.

As most of my readers are avid ASP.NET Developers, I’d love to hear from you.

Here are some areas to consider:

– Problems understanding, as the feature area is way too complex or cumbersome

– Problems in coding, such as way to complex, or not possible, or involves way too much code”

– Plain bugs in the product with either no or complex workarounds

In addition, if there are requests for new scenarios or feature sets, please pass them my way too.

When you provide a response or idea, please give us some idea of the number of times you have encountered the issue, that might help us set priority for our investigation.

For example, as we are in late stages for FX4, we might be able to accommodate only a few remaining requests, so a sense of priority on the issue would be required.

We cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved, but this represents one way that the team can be more connected with our users, and for you to help shape what gets added in new releases.

Please send your comments, issues or any other ideas by using this link (Email Joe) and please include‘ASP.NET Customer pain-point: .. ‘ in the top of the message

Many Thanks!

Joe & The ASP.NET Team