Winston Churchill said – “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

This sums up by blog experience with GraffitiCMS.

As many of you have emailed me, my blog has been having problems for about a month.

The default install of GraffititCMS has just crumbled over the increased traffic. It does down and my server needs to be rebooted (restarting IIS doesn’t always fix the issues.)

Files get locked and my server needs to be rebooted.

The stats tables get screwed up and my server needs to be rebooted.

I try to do comments admin and my server needs to be rebooted.

I’ve used DasBlog and and they are both super, but the versions I used did not support a true "database” which I desire. (BEN Now Supports a database provider model)

I used .Text but quit when Telligent pulled it into Community Server. .Text forked to become Subtext, which is super, but I couldn’t find themes I liked. Also, I worried a little about the future of Subtext since Phil is SOOOO busy at Microsoft. (He seems to be keeping up !)

I might have used Community Server but Rob Howard (Telligent) advised me against it as the next version really won’t be “single user friendly”.

I prototypes a migration from GraffitiCMS to WordPress. It sort of worked, GraffitiCMS seesm to have allowed some crap to slip though in my comments so I’d have to write a bunch of filtering to get it to really work, plus, I really want my blog to be extensible in ASP.NET and MySQL PHP driver performance on Windows is not good (WordPress does not support other databases out of the box.)

So, I found Al’s post here and  I migrated my Database for GraffitiCMS from VistaDB to SQL Server (Express).

Speed for complex tasks like comments admin has more then doubled and some of the things that were just plain broken seem fixed.

PLEASE email me if you see any anomalies etc. with my blog.