I love CMS applications!

I’ve played with more than a hundred free and commercial CMSs written in VB, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, you name it !

It’s taken me a while to put Graffiti through it’s paces, but I did so last weekend.

Here is a quick list of my first impressions.


  • Install is a SNAP.
  • The BlogML import facility imported my hundreds of posts flawlessly.
  • The administrative user interface is intuitive.
  • It’s FAST
  • The FREE version is not crippled (just limited authors and a couple advanced features off.)
  • Widgets are EASY !


  • Some of the downloadable themes I found were not “seamless” (community provided code varies in quality.)
  • I missed the ability to create a completely standalone .aspx page that inherits nothing but the theme, (Plan to try this manually.) 

All in all, this has been one of the best “first impression” experiences I’ve had with a 3rd part ASP.NET application.

Since the free version is REAL and doesn’t even require registration to download and install, CLICK HERE and give it a try !