• Every conversation is excruciatingly painful.
  • You even wanna strangle the people that are on YOUR SIDE.
  • When it’s over you’re left with less than you started with !!!!!

I know tech support is a hard job.

I know it’s hard to communicate from the other side of the world when my first language is your second language.

I know my patience is less than perfect (especially when I’m not getting my job done.)


This week my laptop died. (A Toshiba M5)

So, I called our Help Desk (on the other side of the planet).

[Help Desk] Hello, Sir, What is your name.

[Joe] May mane is Joe,

[Help Desk] So, You’re name is Joe?

[Joe] Yes, My name is Joe.

[Help Desk] What is your email alias.

[Joe] My alias is joestag. J-O-E-S-T-A-G

[Help Desk] So, your email alias is joestag?

[Joe] Yes

[Help Desk] So that’s J-O-E-S-T-A-G

[Joe] A-yup !

Basically it went on like that for 1/2 an hour and THEN I got to tell him about my problem.

My M5 doesn’t detect any USB Devices. I’ve tried a fresh install of Vista, I’ve tried 8 different USB devices…….

[Help Desk] So, your having trouble with your USB Device, what kind is it?

[Joe] Sorry, did I mention that I’ve tried 8 different devices?

[Help Desk] Did you try re-installing Vista ?

[Joe] Um, Ya !

[Help Desk] Ok, I’ll send someone over, what building are you in?

[Joe] I’m not on campus, I’m in New3 Hampshire.

[Help Desk] I’m sorry Sir, you’ll have to take it to a Microsoft building.

[Joe] Have a nice day !!

SO ……………………………………………………………….

I called Toshiba directly and after confirming that I’m still under warranty, we went through most of the same questions as I did with the help deck (well the technical ones anyway), and they told me to take it to the nearest Toshiba service center.

1/2 away in Nashua NH, no problem.

When I got there they had good news and bad news.

The good news was that they were in fact an authorized Toshiba service center.

The bad news is that they were starting to move to a new location in a couple of days and it would be a few WEEKS until they could get to my Laptop.

[Joe] Have a nice day.

I stopped at a CompUSA on the way home and bought a new Gateway Desktop .

…. and I still have NO IDEA how to get my Toshiba Laptop Fixed !!