Over the past several years I’ve developed lots of guidance for ASP.NET Developers adding AJAX functionality to their web applications. [ See HERE ]

Most of that guidance has been primarily for Web Forms developers using The Microsoft AJAX Library and the AJAX Control Toolkit.

While those tools are still perfectly viable choices, I’ve added ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Matrix to the web development work that I do and the above choices are Web Forms centric.

Even in my “Web Forms” applications, I’m using fewer Server Controls in favor of client side User Interface implementations (like jQueryUI and YUI).

Though this is a very different approach than using Server Controls and is usually a bit more coding, it offers the advantages of very detailed control over the aesthetics and behaviors of my browser based UI and it allows me to reuse my client code across Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and WebMatrix.

In addition to evolving the client side implementation of my AJAX work, I’m going to be moving from ASMX for services to WCF.

[ Note: I’m going to be doing many videos and tutorials using this model over the coming months. ]

ASMX works fine, but there are many advantages to WCF.

I’ll be blogging specifically about the reasons I’m migrating to WCF in a near future blog post but in the meantime I wanted to introduce you to a CodePlex project that I will be using going forward.

The stiff is being built by the .NET Developer Platform Team so the work here will be reflected in the .NET Stack in the future.

Check them out here – http://wcf.codeplex.com/


WCF Support for jQuery 10.10.27WCF Support for jQuery – create WCF web services that are easy to consume from JavaScript clients, in particular jQuery.

Source Code

WEB HTTP Preview 1.zip – WCF HTTP – create HTTP / REST based web services.

And stay tuned……….


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