Just use a search engine and search for Verizon Wireless Sucks and see what you get.

I wrote a blog post few years ago titles “Verizon Wireless You Suck”. Since then I’ve received several HUNDRED email and comments with people sharing similar customer service nightmares with me about Verizon.

So… Last week I was in Redmond (I live n the East Coast but my job is based on the West Coast) and my phone wouldn’t work. After 2 hours with tech support they admitted they made changes that broke my access. This happens about once a fiscal quarter.

On the flight home I read “Smart Phone and Pocket PC Magazine” which was reviewing the new Windows Mobile 6 phones they are offering.

So when I got home, I decided to get the new device and give T-Mobile a try.

So, I went to the local Verizon Wireless center and asked them to cancel my accounts. NOPE ! We can’t do that.

But they did give me account information that my PC-Card data account was still under contract.

So I called Verizon Wireless directly.

Mind you, I have 4 Verizon Wireless Lines, have been a customer for TEN years and spent @ $20,000 with them in those 10 years.

When I said, “Hi, my name is Joe Stagner,my number is 123 and I’m calling to cancel all my accounts, can you guess what they said ?

OK, we’ll charge you $350. Have a nice day. (I should have paid $175 to terminate my PC Card account but it turns out that even though all my phones were out of contract they associate the PC Card with a phone and apparently charge you double for termination, or something, he representative couldn’t really explain, but at that point I didn’t care What it cost.)

So nice to be a valued customer  

Now I know, some people have had fine experience with Verizon Wireless – just not anyone that I know.

Later – I’ll post about the great experience I had atthe T-Mobile store in town.

And as a side note – wile I was in the T-Mobile store, FOUR other people came in and opened accounts so they could drop Verizon Wireless.

Free at last, FReE AT LAST !