Mozilla is doing a ton of interesting work in mobile space and since Android is a pretty open mobile platform, lot of the work starts there. For example, I’m running Firefox on my Android tablet.

My first introduction to Android was less than stellar. I bought an early Android tablet, a Cruz, and it was pretty terrible. It was SLOW and there was little useful in the app store, and the battery life was terrible, among other problems.

The Galaxy Tab is different. Both the hardware and the Android OS have come  a long way.

In fact, I’m writing this in a WordPress management app on the Galaxy tab.

The hardware is better than the iPad and the Android Honeycome OS has many nice little features and usability enhancements too. The app store has become huge and most of the “must have” apps from my iPad are available for Android so i was up and running quckly.

One gripe is that there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to distinguish between phone apps and a tablet friendly apps so some app experiences stink on the tablet. For example, Tweetdeck, which i use on my iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Linux sucks on Honeycomb because it’s single column. Not a huge deal though since there were several multicolumn alternatives.

Oh, and it has front and back cameras to you can include photos (I’ll try it here) as wall as video conference via Skype and such)


So, in near future I’ll try some web app testing on the Galaxy.

In the mean time I’ll try to figure out how to do spell checking in this WordPress app – sorry for the spelling in this post :-O