The official “release” of Orchard was a few weeks ago and there have already been about 20,000 downloads from

About 100 module and theme extensions have been submitted to the orchard gallery, and the discussion forums are very buzy.

Back in October Microsoft announced the “Orchard Challenge” Imagine Cup competition for building Orchard modules, which runs through April 27, 2011.  This contest is aimed at students only, so how about something for the rest of us ?

Enter the Orchard Module Challenge

You can find the official rules and entry requirements on the Orchard Module Challenge website

The contest will be run in two rounds, and is pretty straightforward:

1) In Round 1, you’ll submit an idea for a module (name, description) on the contest site, build your module and submit it to the gallery, and then update your contest entry to point to the ID of the module you’d like to submit for judging (we’ll take the most recent submission at the close of Round 1, on March 15, 2011).  Your module will be evaluated based on usefulness to Orchard community and how well it takes advantage of (or extends) the Orchard platform. 

2) The top modules submitted in Round 1 will advance to Round 2, which extends through April 1, 2011.  In Round 2, you’ll be given a hosting account you can use to build a website that demonstrates your module to its fullest.  When Round 2 closes for judging, the top 3 modules and websites will be selected as winning entries. 

There are some great prizes for winners of this competition, and the winning entries will be announced at the Mix ’11 conference (April 12-14, 2011).

Ok – GO FOR IT !