This spring I wanted to run a contest for ASP.NET developers to drive contributions to Open Source projects.

I found a couple of xBox 360s, Kinects, and a bunch of software to give away to the winners.

Because there are lots of laws around how contests need to be run in order make sure everything is on the up-and-up, I contacted Microsoft’s legal department just to make sure I would be in compliance.


Now, I’d really like to inject a lawyer joke or two here or add a wisecrack about the attorney’s genetic proclivity to prevent anyone around then from getting any work done, but I’ve been trying to be more socially correct this year.

However, in the interest of protecting the company’s “six” I single person can not run a contest. In fact, what the lawyers told me I had to do was hire a third party to host and run the contest for me.

Duh !

So, I can’t have a contest, but I still want to rally .NET developers around some new Open Source contributions.

So, I thought I’d see if YOU ALL would agree to participate in an UN-CONTEST !

UNCONTEST – As in NOT a conference !


But maybe as a community we can do something cool.


Wait…..  Since it’s not a contest, there are no rules.

But here is what I hope you will do…..

Write something open source !

A theme, module, plugin, etc. for any application that is (or will be after you write it) deployed with Microsoft WebMatrix, The Microsoft Web Platform Installer or Nugget.


Once I get the first one I’ll create a page to post the new creations, I’ll blog and tweet about your work and get other folks at Microsoft to do the same.

You can even put a PayPal badge on your blog/site so anyone who really loves your work can decide to give you a dollar !

Readers of my blog will be able to decide which submissions they like best.

I’ll show them off all around Microsoft.

You’ll become a (more) famous developer.

So, pick an application like Orchard,, Umbraco, etc and create a theme or module or create a NuGet Package and email me the details.

I’ll blog and tweet about the submissions and I’ll do blog posts about my favorites.

Are you up to the challenge of a bit of Microsoft based Open Source ?

Please Tweet this & Blog it, pass it along. Lets see how many new “things” we can list by the end of June !