You might know I do ALOT of PHP work on Windows, getting PHP to talk with different finds of .NET objects and COM Objects, etc.

Lately I’ve been prototyping a PHP class to access the ASP.NET Membership and Roles store.

I’m also an IDE junkie and whatever increases my productivity I’m in for !

If you’re a Visual Studio developer, you are used to the productivity of forms based, event driven developers tools (Visual Studio)

We’ll I tried out the first version of Delphi for PHP and liked it, but ….. It was young 🙂

Well 2.0 is the REAL DEAL and I LOVE IT !

And I’m actually working with the 2.1 beta that adds some great features. Yes, the Borland Dev Tools guys are still around and well!

I ran into DavidI (David Intersimone), THE Father of the Developer Community Concept, Anders Ohlsson, and Delphi Product Manager, Nick Hodges where they showed my the cool v.Next features.

They have new 2009 versions of Delphi for .NET and Delphi for Windows as well.

Get a free trial of Delphi for PHP here