Some time ago I bought a top-of-the-line Lenovo T61 Laptop for personal use (meaningt not a Microsoft Asset).

I paid for the 3 year, on-site, warranty.

This weekend one of the keys popped off the keyboard, and then a poped anoth one tryingf to get the firts one back on. It looks like the bracked that the key(s) mount to is broken (it’s really flimsey) and needs to be replaced.

So I called Lenovo support…..

And waited on hold for more than an hour – then finally gave up.

This morning I called back and here I sit, listening to a message about how my call is important to Lenovo – FOR OVER AN HOUR.

So, if anyone from Lenovo reads this, I have a question.

Is your hardware support upgrade option a conspiracy ?

I mean, if you never answer the phone it’s all profit, right.

IN the mean time I guss I need to start shopping for another hardware vender.