Monday I posted that I was starting a series of demo applications [ Read HERE ]

Please keep the suggestions and comments coming.

I’ve been asked about the theme for the site.

Since I have NO artistic ability myself ad I have no budget to hire a designer, I purchased Artisteer (with my own money !)

Artisteer is an interesting tool. Not perfect, but well worth the money for me.

For the “aesthetically challenged” like mem it offer complete theme suggestions and then you can have the tool suggest design changes on a section by section basis.

If you explore the tool you find that you can have a pretty detailed control over the look of your design.

I wanted a pretty standard “portal” style design to start with so I added a custom background and header graphic and settles on this.

Since I’m using a generated theme, in the future I’ll see how hard it will be to try to “plug” in theme variations.

Next, I needed to separate the UI “frame” into a template and the core for the default page into the Default.cshtml page

I’ve done this and formatted the markup. There is still lots to do with the Template but those details will take care of themselves as features get implemented.

The first bit of functionality we need to add is a customized site registration.

I doubt the state of the code would be useful to anyone at this point so I won’t bother to post it but if anyone wants it just email me and I’ll send it to you.

If you are new to WebMatrix of haven’t wrapped your head around PageTemplates yet you can find that and lots of other info [ HERE ]