My buddy Chris Morrow, over at MaximumASP has been doing some of his own How-Do-I Videos. 

Chris is an expert in ASP.NET hosting technology. 

Here is a list of his videos (Check out the page HERE.) 

1. Deploy your applications to your beta account using FTP via Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express

2. Connect to your database using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express  

3. Connect using the Microsoft Web Manager
Note: You’ll need to download the client before connecting. 

Microsoft Web Manager download available at:

4. Create Request Tracing Rules, and Access the Logs 

The trace rule example is silly however it’s meant to show you how to create a quick rule that will create an immediate entry when you hit any page in your beta site. We have configured each account to create up to 25 trace files, and a maximum of 256 kilobytes per file so you can use the feature without concern of violating the disk quota threshhold.