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How to get a job at Microsoft ?

I get at least one email a week asking me how to get a job at Microsoft. Since I get this question so regularly I  though I’d answer it in a blog post for future reference.

Since I work with developers my answer to this will be developer focused but will be useful for people interested in working in other technical areas.

Though Microsoft is a large company, we tend to hire more like a startup. Microsoft prides itself on the quality and capabilities of its people, and joining Microsoft in any developer related capacity is to an easy prospect. (Though it is a rewarding one.)

Begin by understanding what TYPE of role you are interested in at Microsoft. It’s a very bad idea to “cast a very broad net” when trying to sell yourself into a developer’s role at Microsoft.

There are many roles at Microsoft for developer types.

  • Software Engineers (Writing code for Microsoft products)
  • Test Engineers
  • Developer Product Support (May not sound exit but these guys become REAL experts)
  • Developer Evangelist
  • Developer Product Specialists
  • Developer Technical Account Managers
  • Developer Program Managers
  • Developer Product Managers
  • Development Documentation Writers
  • Developer Guidance PM/Author
  • and many others I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Start here !

Note that there is a special on-boarding track for students and recent graduates. Microsoft has a very vibrant student hiring practice.

If you are a student, find out if Microsoft is involved with your school, if so, see if your school has a Microsoft Student Ambassador.

A good resource for students is the Microsoft Academic Alliance.

In any event. Search the developer related jobs on the Microsoft career site to discover developer related jobs an Microsoft and read the job descriptions and qualifications.

The descriptions are great guidance as to the type of experience you should begin accumulating to improve the value that you will be able to offer Microsoft.

Note that most of Microsoft does not work in Redmond (though MUCH of product development is there.)

Find the Microsoft office closest to you. Nearly ALL host events throughout the year. Start attending the ones that are of interest to you and meet the Microsoft folks from the local office.

They can serve as great resources !

Join your local Developer Community.


  • User groups
  • Code Camps
  • Nerd Dinners
  • Meetups
  • Product Releases

Publish, Publish, Publish

Blog, Tweet, Write Open Source !

These things become the best part of your resume.

Microsoft is notorious for placing high value on real work.

Your blog posts and published source can be the best reference of you recent work and your possible value to w new team.

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

When you finally choose a position from the careers web site and apply, don’t necessarily give up if you don’t get an interview or win that particular job.

Hiring managers at Microsoft consider FAR more than simple resume or keyword matching when they initiate their hiring process.

Many, many of the people here at Microsoft previously applied for a different job at Microsoft that they weren’t a perfect fit for and later were hired into the job they were better suited for.

Like most things in life. Things worth having are worth working for.

Microsoft can be a great place to work – and we hire to keep it that way.

I hope this gives interested folks a place to start.

Hire this New Hampshire IT Manager !

I’ve personally known Scott Bugbee for over 30 years and if I had a local opening, I would hire him myself.

Alas, this economy is taking it’s toll.

After TWENTY FIVE YEARS as Manager of Information Technology at New Hampshire Public Television, an extreme loss of funding caused layoffs and Scott was caught in them.

If you have a need for an experienced, honest, and conscious IT manager with diverse technology experience (and real world streaming media experience) contact Scott Via Linked In – and tell him you found him at

Replace your crummy boss.

I’ve had some good manager and I’ve had some really, um, bad managers.

In my seven years at Microsoft I’ve had 5 managers and would works for four of them again (meaning they were great !) I can’t say that about other work experiences in my career.

My boss is awesome, but if he weren’t, I’d go to work for Brad Abrams.

Brad is a Principal Group Manager in the ASP.NET Development Organization here at Microsoft.


If your are a .NET STAR! and you want to replace your current boss with someone great to work for…..

[ Click HERE to read about opportunities on Brad’s Team ]

Come Join me and Work at Microsoft

The Developer Community Team at Microsoft is looking for a Senior Program Manager to own one of our community web sites.

Each of our community web sites is the top resource for information about its respective technology. (Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows Client, IIS) . We are looking for someone who is passionate about building great web sites for developers, has an eye for how to create communities, and can drive new innovations in this space.

In this position, you would work with many teams across the developer division and the company (including Channel9, MSDN, Marketing, Customer Support, the product teams, Developer Evangelism, the field, and so forth). You will also partner with external companies who develop, design, and create features for the site. The ideal candidate will have the standard Program Management skills and the ability to work in a fast paced, always-changing environment.

Come change how we build online developer communities for the future.

This position is full time employment in Redmond WA.

Principals ONLY (no agencies) may use the contact link on my blog to send me their resume.

Hire Andrew !

 Do you know this guy ? Hire him.

His name is Andrew Stopford. I met him years ago after reading a book he wrote.

And we’ve stayed in touch. He’s been to Redmond for some of the “private” events we’ve had.

Anyway, changes at his company (outsourcing or something) have made him AVAILABLE.

He’s in the UK.

His blog is here –

Use the contact link to ask for his full resume.

WANTA COOL JOB: Strategy Manager

This Strategy Manager will be part of a team driving high priority strategic initiatives, spanning growth and operations, directly contributing to significant positive changes for a HIGH PROFILE Technology Company.

The Corporate Strategy group strongly values teamwork, analytics, and executive-level engagement.

·         Deliver data-driven insights to support actionable strategic direction, corporate prioritization, and strategy communication (Board, investors, company)

·         Analyze industry trends, competitive threats, expansion opportunities and internal performance

·         Work in a team environment both within the Corporate Strategy team and with business unit partners/customers

·         Work collaboratively to help secure the commitment for cross-company efforts and fully leverage Microsoft’s assets

·         2+ year’s Post-Bachelor experience at a leading strategy consulting firm, investment bank, or the strategy and corporate development function within a Fortune 500 company.

·         Superior analytical skills and strong financial modeling capabilities

·         Demonstrated success in delivering results in a cross-functional team setting

·         Strong communications (written/verbal), presentation and facilitation skills

·         Results driven, flexible and agile

·         A team player

·         Ability to shape strategy and align the organization as an agent of change

·         Intuitive and analytical, while not sacrificing action

·         Genuine and credible, a strong communicator and a good listener

·         Ability to influence and negotiate

·         Able to influence key members of the organization

·         EE Education – Bachelor’s degree in a related field required.        

A competitive compensation package will be offered to the final candidate and will include a base salary and potential bonus.

If you’re interested please DO NOT CONTACT ME

Contact Jodie  Perelmutter at Futurestep (

This job is IN REDMOND WA !

Wanna be Microsoft’s face for JavaScript ?

Microsoft makes JScript – our implementation of the ECMA 262 language specification.

Browser script programming is “born again” with the popularity of AJAX and RIA style application building.

So, Microsoft is looking for someone who can represent us and our work with JScript, our support of it, our standards participation, tools support, etc.

You would “champion” JScript to the world much in the way that I champion ASP.NET.

We’re looking for a senior level person with qualifications that include the following:

  • A great working knowledge of web development technologies and especially client side programming in JavaScript/JScript
  • A strong knowledge of developer communities and ideas around how to build one
  • Great presentation skills
  • Rich general solutions development experience.

If your interested, email Shreesh Dubey and convince him that you should interview !

Cool job in LA.

I get approached about jobs all the time, I very seldom post them on my blog, but this one sounded really cool.


It’s IN LA, and it’s a funded startup in the Social Networking space.


Company Info:

The client is an entrepreneurially driven, independent venture that is launching a new, web-centric model for the distribution of all manner of entertainment products — DVDs, CDs, videogames and books, both in shrink-wrapped and digital form.  It is being architected on a rich Internet application software platform and is expected to offer a million-title deep library of product as well as a range of exclusive products from A-level talent.  The site combines commerce and social networking elements to support a model that feeds into people’s natural behaviors to talk and proselytize about the artists, films, games and books about which they are most passionate.  Our client is advised by the brightest and most influential minds in the technology and entertainment space including former employees of Creative Artists, Idealab!, AOL, Gap and many others.


Job Description:

Work as the lead developer of the core engineering team to design and develop new applications and features from the ground up. Primarily responsible for developing within a .NET environment and developing code given product design and user interaction specifications.



  • 6-8 years experience as a developer
  • Strong knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio
  • Solid foundation in n-tier, Business Objects, Design Patterns and OOP
  • Experience with Agile Software Developer (including Extreme Programming)
  • Experience with Biztalk, Commerce Server and IIS6 highly desired
  • Strong knowledge of web service (SOA, WSDL, SOAP)
  • Must be a driven self-starter that is comfortable working in a start-up environment and seeing the “BIG” picture
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Quick learner and can-do attitude
  • Comfortable working in a casual fun environment desiring a competitive salary and great benefits!


Candidates MUST have hands-on expertise in architecting, prioritizing, analyzing, and developing a technical roadmap for a large consumer Internet company.   Must have prior experience in a major ecommerce, search, social network, and community building Internet site in a hands-on technical role.


The client is led by veteran Internet and Entertainment entrepreneurs and is backed by a leading venture capitalist.


If you’re interested DON’T EMAIL ME !!!!


Email Matt at

Come work for Microsoft in MA !!

Microsoft SoftGrid


We are expanding our capabilities and facility- moving to 1 Memorial Drive Cambridge overlooking the Charles River 9/24/2007


Job Openings in Software Development.  ( dev manager, lead test engineer, software engineers, sustaining engineers and test engineers. )


Link to jobs: [CLICK HERE]


Link for info about the product:


Send Resumes to:


Lauren Day


Staffing Consultant- SoftGrid/MSD/Forefront

27 Melcher Street 3rd Floor, Boston MA 02210- moving to 1 Memorial Drive Cambridge 9/07

Direct: 617-896-5601 EST

Home office: 978-686-2234 EST

Microsoft is hiring 30 Developers in BOSTON !

A couple of years ago I metthe guys from Softricity ( who had somne really interestering virtualization technolohy.

Well, the business guys at Microsoft thought they were interesting too, so we bought thecompany.

Now we’re gonna really grow that Microsoft product group.

If you’ve every wanted to work at Microsoft but don’t wanna move to “The Rainy City” (Redmond/Seattle) now’s your chance.

If you’re interested, contact Lauren.

Lauren Day
Microsoft Staffing Consultant
617-695-0336 ex. 101 EST