Some time ago I started playing with the idea of organizing an Open Source project to build a CMS.

It generated a lot of interest, but the “expectations” seemed overwhelming to me. NETOOP is not dead, I still plan to build it but I intend to build version one myself (On MVC) and release it as FREE source.

In the mean time, I’m planning what content to build for 2010 and have decided to do a collection of projects based on building a great community site.

I’m going to write the code and record videos detailing the implementation or the parts.

I hope YOU will suggest and discuss features with me here on my blog! I will release the code as FREE/MSPL at different milestones.

The “design” that I’m starting with is live at


It’s currently deployed on .NET 3.5 on Web Forms.

  • I’ll be updating to ASP.NET 4 very soon.
  • I will be doing a MVC version.
  • As much code as possible will be modular and transportable.

The first features I’ll be working on are…….

  • Add ASP.NET Membership System
  • Add Roles
  • Add CUSTOM Profile System
  • Add Daily Notice Admin Editor (Admin Only, Rich Text Editor)

Please share your thoughts and feature ideas and don’t worry if MMA is not your thing.

I just chose a sports application so we could have fun with rich media features !!!!!


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