Yep! Another great Murach’s book.

This book is the quintessential learning resource for PHP development.

Like all of Murach’s books, it teaches far more then the nuts and bolts of the technology but also what the right ways to use them are.

The book is up to date with PHP 5.3 and takes you through getting the PHP Stack set up (Windows or Mac)

It quickly covers foundational requirements like HTML, CSS, and HTTP and then jumps into how to write and debug PHP code.

It not only covers the breadth of detail about web programming specifics with PHP, like cookies, images, uploads, etc. but also provides great higher level guidance.

There are sections on often overlooked topics for new PHP developers like Object Oriented Programming and using the MVC pattern in PHP.

As I often say about Murach’s books – if I were teaching a course on PHP development, this is the book I would teach the course from. Not only a great learning / training resource, but once you’ve read it, it becomes a great desk reference.