I consistently meet good developers who are not database “experts”.

Many of us had a good deal of formal education on Data Structures, Algorithms, Patterns, Syntax, Methodologies, but learn about developing with Databases and the associated tools a little bit as a time as our work took us through the process.

Murach’s has just updated their great book on SQL Server for Developers for all the 2008 versions from Microsoft.

Not only does it provide detailed enlightenment on all the “tools” like the SQL 2008 Management Studio, but it’s full of practical “How-DO-I” stuff.

For example, we all know that binary or other “un-typed” data can be stored in a Table Column of type “BLOB”. But how do I get stuff into and out of a BLOB field.

See Chapter 19 on working with BLOBS. The intro shows the T-SQL Syntax for INSERT statements to work with a BLOB. But later in the chapter comes a whole sample application with C# code !!!

That’s just one example – pick up a copy for the rest 🙂

Check it out [ HERE ] on Amazon.com