I’m a huge fan of Murach’s books in general. I like books that I could teach a course from.

This book is no exception, but I’m blogging about it for a particular reason.

I recently wrote a blog post about our choices for developing Web Applications on the Microsoft platform.

Choosing between ASP.NET–WebForms, MVC, WebMatrix – Choice is a GOOD thing.

I’ve been saying since the first release of ASP.NET MVC that WebForms is not dead and someone in the Twitterverse even referred to me as “Microsoft’s WebForms Apologist”

No matter what you choose for your web development stack, you’ll need a sound understanding of HTML and CSS AND the relationship between the two.

If you’re somewhat new to web development or have always relied on the WebForms controls for output – this book will give you a great start. If you’ve written HTML and CSS from scratch this book will be an easy read for you and may fill in some of the gaps.

As I’ve been focusing on developing jQuery expertise I’ve found this book useful to keep on my desk and refer to.

Click [ HERE ] to check it out.