For years I’ve said “JavaScript is inevitable”.  More and more all web developers are needing to add richness to their Web UIs and their UI Interactions.

The thing about Scripting Languages is that folks tend to learn by trial and error. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s how I learned JavaScript.

But, writing Client Side & Server Side code together can be tricky. I very frequently get email from customers experiencing a debugging problem whose answer is fund in confused or incorrectly mixed Client / Server coding.

So, writing good, clean MODERN JavaScript is not only important to but a service to anyone who will need to crack open your code in the future to make enhancements (including the original author).

So I got this book. “Eloquent JavaScript – A Modern Introduction to Programming”.

This is a great book except for the subtitle. Since it’s called an introduction, folks that have some JavaScript experience might pass this book up and that would be a shame.

I found it not only a tutorial but a style guide.

Coverage includes, Data Structures, Object Oriented JavaScript Programming, Functional Programming, Modularity, the DOM, HTTP Requests, as well as all the basics of JavaScript.

I encourage you to check it out [ HERE ]