If you read my blog you know that I’m a Web Forms guy.

ASP.NET MVC is cool, fun, HIP even, but I’m going to keep working with Web Forms.

Still, I need to know about all the web stuff we build at Microsoft, so I’m doing some reading about ASP.NET MVC (even if only to improve my arguments with our MVC guy Stephen Walther 🙂 )

The KEY to this book is “Quickly”

Without the appendices the book is 191 pages. But there is allot of information in those 191 !

Appendix A is a reference application.

Appendix B deals with Testing and a Mock Framework

Appendix C is all recourses !

One of the nice thing about Packt is that they don’t publish “definitive guide”. Packt is to publishing as is Sniper to Military.

I highly recommend this a an ASP.NET MVC jump start.

[ Click here to get the book at ]


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