ASP.NET Authentication Videos

Using Basic Forms Authentication in ASP.NET
Change Forms Authentication Properties
Set up and use Cookie-less authentication
Forms Login Relocation
Forms Login Custom Key Configuration
Add Custom Data to the Authentication Method
Custom Principal Objects
ASP.NET Memberships
Configure SQL to Work with Membership Schemas
Adding Users to Your Membership System
Logging Users Into Your Membership System
Implement the Registration Verification Pattern
Simple Web Service Authentication
Creating Inactive Users

ASP.NET WebSite Defense Video

SQL Injection Defense

ASP.NET Security Tutorials

Security Basics and ASP.NET Support
An Overview of Forms Authentication
Forms Authentication Configuration and Advanced Topics
Creating the Membership Schema in SQL Server
Creating User Accounts
Validating User Credentials Against the Membership Store
User-Based Authorization
Storing Additional User Information
Creating and Managing Roles
Assigning Roles to Users
Role-Based Authorization
Building an Interface to Select One User Account from Many
Recovering and Changing Passwords
Unlocking and Approving User Accounts