I recently got this from an ASP.NET Developer !

Hey Joe:

I am working through your Ajax SlideShow video and just wanted to let you know these videos are great! Thanks for making them! I try to learn from books and tutorials as much as possible, and I find a lot of books frustrating because they show “snippets” as opposed to building an example step-by-step. Your videos are excellent at that!

Not only did this make my week,  (It’s great when you get to HEAR that your work is helpful and has value) but it highlighted for me what I’ve been thinking for years. People prefer learn different things in ways.

Now that Simon is back from his amazing sabbatical, and I;ve hadled back the day-to-day operation of the ASP.NET and WindowsClient.net properties, I’m excited to get back to generating content.

So, GUIDE ME ! Email me and tell me how you like to learn and what topics would would find most valuable.