If you read my blog you probably know that I’m a total tools junkie.

I never blog about a tool that I haven’t actually played with and I don’t write about tools based on a “trial” install.

Recently the guys at Artinsoft let me know about Aggiorno.

I’ve known the Artinsoft guys for many years (and not just because some of the principals are in Coasta Rica and once sent me the best coffee on the PLANET !)

The Artinsoft guys are experts at converting your applications from one technology to another. (Like convert your Java application to a .NET application.)

So I was really interested in their foray into the “product” space.

Even though I’ve only started playing with it, I’m already convinced it’s impressive enough to blog about. It leverages Artinsoft’s “conversion” expertise but in this case convert your web page into a BETTER web page.

It takes your web page and fixes errors, removes the use of deprecated constructs, restructures your syntax for XHTLM compliance and more.

It’s even IE 8 “smart”.

There is even a FREE Express Version (Get it HERE)

Learn all about it at http://www.aggiorno.com/ and feel free to send me your experiences !