One of the very BEST parts of my job is the opportunity to use many of the great developer tools that are out there in the wild !

Like most of the big controls venders, the kind folks at Component Art keep me up to date with the Web.UI suite !

I’m hoping to start blogging my walk through Impressions of ALL the tools I get to use, but often I only get to writing a blog post when the company sends me an email with an update !

I got this yesterday from Component Art.

ComponentArt is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Web.UI 2008.2. The latest release of the industry’s best performing ASP.NET AJAX user interface framework features three new controls, expanded capabilities of the Grid control as well as accessible output and Section 508 compliance for all Web.UI controls.

Look at how sexy these UI components are !!!  I love the AJAX support and the increased focus on performance, which is really necessary as folks add more and more ‘Ajaxy” functionality to their applications.

You can check out the live demos here