Today Zend announces Zend Server 6 and Zend Studio 10 !

Both are SIGNIFICANT new versions.

Check out to learn about all the new features but there are a couple things I want to point out here.

  • Zend Server 6 FREE EDITION. Not only will you immediately see the improvements in the user interface of Zend Server 6 but Zend is making a free version available. Yes I know that Zend previously offered a “Community Edition” but this is different. The Free version is not a different edition but a version of the same product as all the other Zend Server. You’ll see the features in the FREE edition and you can upgrade when you want the extended versions of those features.  Example: The free version saves one hour of event monitoring data. 
  • Zend Studio 10 is HUGE for Mobile development and natively understands cloud deployment.

To celebrate we are offering Zend Studio at 50% off !!!!