Find More Code Samples on MSDN using MSDN Code Search Preview…

After design revisions to the UI, the addition of MSDN Code Gallery and CodePlex content, and an updated feed from the MSDN Library, MSDN Code Search Preview is now capable of delivering more code samples via search

How to Use MSDN Code Search Preview

MSDN Code Search Preview is accessible through MSDN Search as a “filter” when using site search.  Just type your code search query and click the “Code Search” button next to the search bar to optimize your experience for code search and find code samples from MSDN Code Gallery, CodePlex, and the MSDN Library: 


The advancements we’ve made to MSDN Code Search Preview can help customers find more code samples across our sites.  The improvements we’ve made are evident in the following example, which compares Google Code Search to MSDN Code Search Preview: